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Thread: displaying a java collection using ajax

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    Oct 2008

    displaying a java collection using ajax

    I have to render a list on a jsp using ajax, however i am not able to figure out how. I understand that i can render text back using ajax, what if i want to render a list or object? Does ajax support this.. Also do i need to use something like dwr to do this? I am trying to figure out if i can use plain ajax(without something like dwr) to do this. Can some one throw some light on this..

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    Ajax is a communication method. One you get the data into your javascript variables using Ajax, you can do whatever you want with it, including displaying it as a list. I didn't understand how exactly you would want to render data as an 'object'.

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    Oct 2008
    Thanks for your response. I have a list in my servlet, this might be huge may be 30-40 rows which is got from the DB dynamically on a button click using ajax. Now i am trying to determine how should i send this list from my servlet to the page. I could send it using plain html and retrive it using xmlHttp.responseText. But i was looking at alternatives. Even sending it as an xml from my servlet is not practical as i have to parse the entire xml i was wondering what other alternatives i have to send data as..can i put the list in scope on ajax request and retrive it on the page?? Well may be not because the browser can understand only just a little lost to do it..any help would be appreciated..

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