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OPEN DATE: 10/10/2008



ANNUAL SALARY $81,244 - $117,637
$81,244 to $100,933; $87,403 to $108,576; and $94,669 to $117,637
The salary in the Department of Water and Power is $88,698 to $110,204; $95,630 to $118,828; and $105,778 to $131,397.

Candidates from the eligible list are normally appointed to vacancies in the lower pay grade positions.


DUTIES A Systems Programmer evaluates, develops, maintains, implements, and modifies operating systems software in a business applications environment; performs hardware-software studies; provides technical assistance to other data processing personnel and user divisions or departments; or may supervise and direct the work of employees engaged in such activities; applies sound supervisory principles and techniques in building and maintaining an effective work force; and fulfills equal employment opportunity responsibilities.


REQUIREMENTS A bachelor's degree from a recognized four-year college or university; and two years of full-time paid systems programming experience in either (1) computer systems, including mid-range or large scale computers; or (2) planning, designing, implementing and configuring distributed systems/applications operating over large multi-segmented local and wide area networks serving local and remote facilities; or

Four years of full-time paid experience with the City of Los Angeles as a Programmer Analyst or in a class which is at least at that level of which three years must have been in programming/debugging with C/C++, Java, Assembler, COBOL, VB.NET, C#, Perl or command languages for distributed and large scale computers and/or networks.

In addition to the regular City application, each candidate is required to submit the Application Supplement for Systems Programmer at the time of filing. Candidates who fail to submit both the application form and the Application Supplement within the time required will not be considered candidates in this examination and their applications will not be processed.


Additional full-time paid programming experience as described above may be substituted on a year for year basis for the required bachelor's degree noted in Requirement No. 1. One academic year is equivalent to 30 semester or 45 quarter units.

Experience working with one or more of the following areas is highly preferred:
Network Systems Software such as Netware, Windows Server, Active Directory, or LDAP

Mid-range and large scale systems such as VAX, ALPHA, Open VMS, VM/ESA, VSE/SP, WIN 9x/2k/XP, RSCS, Unix/Linux, AIX, SUN OS, Solaris or HP/UX

Webservers, search engines, listserv, SMTP, DNS, Internet Infrastructure, and proxy servers

Telecommunications access methods, protocols, security systems and network management systems such as SUNnet Manager, HP Openview, SNA, TCP/IP, Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Enterprise Level Firewall Network Management Software, fiber connectivity

Large-scale database systems such as DB2, UDB, IMS, Oracle, Informix, and SQL Server

Security information management systems, intrusion prevention systems, identity management systems, remote access systems and network firewalls

Storage Area Networks (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) such as IBM, EMC, Hitachi, Netapp

Blade server, Cluster Technologies or Wireless Technologies

Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) packages such as AMS Advantage Financial 3.X, SAP or Oracle Financials

Application servers such as IBM's Websphere or Oracle Application Server, Peoplesoft Application Server

Implementation of Oracle Application Server, Identity Management and Content Management package

In accordance with Charter Section 1010 (b) and Civil Service Rule 5.31, selective certification will be used for some positions that require special skills and/or training in one or more of the following areas. Only persons possessing the following at the time of filing may be considered for appointment to fill such positions.

Candidates who have indicated on the Application Supplement that they possess experience in the selective certification numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 below will be given a short pass/fail multiple-choice test at the time of the interview to assess their knowledge in those areas indicated.

Two years of full-time paid experience installing or maintaining mainframe application systems written in COBOL/CICS and COBOL batch accessing sequential files, VSAM files and/or databases on mainframe computers running operating systems such as Z/OS, VM, Unix/Linux, VSE, JES2, CMS, VTAM, NCP, RACF, UDB, HOD, CICS, MQSeries and IMS/TM

Two years of full-time paid experience in mainframe job control language (JCL)

Experience with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) packages, such as AMS Advantage Financial 3.X, SAP or Oracle Financials

One year full-time paid experience installing or administering IBM's Websphere or Oracle's Application Server, or Peoplesoft Application Server

Certification as a Sun Certified System Administrator for the Solaris Operating System

Certification as a Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE) on Windows server platform

Certification as an Oracle 9i/10g or as an Oracle Database 10g Administrator Certified Master

Certification as a Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) or as a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE)

Certification as a Cisco Certified Security Professional or as a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert in Security

Certification as a Checkpoint Certified Security Administrator (CCSA) or as a Checkpoint Certified Security Expert (CCSE)

Certification as a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)



You will need to have Internet Explorer version 5.5 or above and Acrobat Reader 6.0 or better.

Applicants are urged to apply early to ensure you have time to resolve any technical issues you may encounter.

APPLICATION DEADLINE This examination may close without prior notice at any time after a sufficient number of applications have been received. For administrative purposes, filing may close periodically and reopen the following day.

The instructions to candidates regarding completing the Application Supplement on-line are at the following location:

Submitting the Application Supplement on-line will expedite the processing of candidate applications. We recommend that you preview the Supplement at prior to completing your on-line application to ensure you provide yourself with sufficient time to complete both the on-line application and the Application Supplement.

Once you submit your on-line application and it appears it meets the bulletin requirements, you will be immediately directed to the on-line Application Supplement for Systems Programmer. At that time, you must follow the prompts and save the Supplement to a hard drive or floppy diskette. You must complete the Supplement during that initial session and submit it with the application form. Candidates cannot be considered in the examination unless both the City application and the Application Supplement are complete and submitted together.

If you have technical problems, you will find a link in the on-line version of the bulletin, and also in the Supplement itself. This link will take you to a web page that will allow you to send us information related to your problem. Personnel Department staff will respond to your communication by e-mail.