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Thread: sbs 2008 - new installation

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    sbs 2008 - new installation


    Our idea here is to migrate NetWare network to windows.
    We want to setup SBS 2008 on new server that we purchased.

    I have installed SBS 2008 Standard on HP 350 ML G5.
    We want to setup this server as Domain Controller.
    I'm following the steps from Demo that is available on microsoft website.
    Installation was successful without any errors. Server was not connected to the network
    during the installation.
    I connected server to network after installation.
    Currently this Server is connected to the small switch and switch to network.
    My problem is when I'm trying to run option "Connect to the Internet" from the SBS Console.
    I'm getting screen that is attached on the picture.
    I can't do "postpone" or "continue".
    If I click on "Manage router" I'm getting login screen to Netware WebAccess from server.
    I can't setup any other options, because it gives me errors that interface was not found or domain not found, no connection found, etc.
    Is there a way that I can bypass this Step?
    Is this really the first step in setting up sbs 2008?
    Is there better manual than this demo from microsoft?

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