DB2v7.2 on Win2000Server.

I have a script that will create all my 86 tables in my new DB. I am using
Command Center to run the script and have the following issues:

sample of script:
CREATE TABLE MyTable1 (Col1 int, Col2 int)

CREATE TABLE MyTable2 (Col1 int, Col2 int)

-My actual table script is more complex obviously.

-If I enter entire script with multiple create table statements it fails
with errors.
-Try to add ";" terminating char at end of each Create Table, only creates
1st table
-Found that "\" (backslash) is a continuing char, so tried placing \ between
each create table command, errors.

How do I execute my script? Is command center more for executing 1 sql statement
at a time? On the interactive tab I can execute a create table command, however
command fails on the "script" tab - bunch of <join> errors received, like
it's looking for sql dml statements not ddl? however a drop table ddl works
on "script" tab...??

Should I be using a different tool? I tried Script Center however had trouble
opening my script, or I didn't have a valid "connect to" statement in the
script. I used the same connect to statement as with Command Center however
no luck.

Thanks in advance.