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Thread: AA Tree Implementation Variation and Concepts

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    Hello to all expect pogrammer, i wonder there are how many methods of AA Tree implmentation.

    AFAIK, some using link[2], [0] = left and [1] = right and leftNode or rightNode.

    Which one is easier and better ?

    Some balanced tree contain level in its node and some are not. Please clarify on this.

    I did a huge amount of research but not really understand it.

    I know that AA Tree is a 2-3 tree which means

    If a node contains 1 data, then got two children.
    If a node contains 2 data, then got three children.

    Besides that, AA Tree also doesn't have red node at left child. How this can coded in programming ? What this means ?

    Skew = right notation
    split = left rotation and increase root level

    Every leaf node has level 1.

    I hope you all can help me out.

    Thanks for your help.
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