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Thread: Parallel Port Problems

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    Parallel Port Problems


    I have written the following program in MS Visual C++ running on windows XP. It is supposed to set all the data lines of my parallel port to "high" when password 2006 is entered, and "low" when 9999 is entered. I am using UserPort to get around the port access restrictions of XP. I have a multimeter hooked up to pins 2 and 18 on my computer, and I'm reading 4.2 volts no matter what I enter. Here is the code:

    #include "stdafx.h"
    #include "conio.h"
    #include "stdio.h"
    #include "string.h"
    #include "stdlib.h" 
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int main ()
    int i;
    cout << "Please enter password: ";
    cin >> i;
    if (i == 2006) {
    cout << "\n Password accepted \n Unlocking door... \n";
    _outp(0x378, 255); 
    cout << " Door has been unlocked... \n \n \n";
    else if(i == 9999){
    cout << "   System shutting down... \n\n\n";
    _outp(0x378, 0); 
    else {
    cout << "Entry denied \n\n";
    }while (i != 6606);
    return 0;
    Is this code simply flawed, or is there some other issue here?



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    This code is designed for POSIX systems, and XP somehow supports it as a non-native extension or API. Vista is more secure and doesn't allow you to access hardware ports like this. You need to use a special library for that which essentially wraps low level hardware access with a higher level API (which is more secure and restricted).
    Danny Kalev

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