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Thread: AJAX loading javascript problem

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    Nov 2008

    AJAX loading javascript problem

    Hello, I want to use ajax links to load content into a div. The content happens to be a javascript based gallery (galleria).

    However, the links only present the images in the file into the div and the javascript does not work.

    I tried using loadobjs() function but that also did not work.

    Any one can help? I am new to this


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    Welcome to DevX

    What do you mean by "doesn't work"?

    Are you getting errors? If so, what are they?

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    Nov 2008


    Hi thanks much for the reply.

    No I am not getting errors. The ajax links will load the text and images related to the javascript.

    For example...I have a javascript slideshow that calls images from a folder. It works when I open it on a page by itself.

    However, when I use the ajax links, it only loads the images onto the page
    and no slideshow or slideshow interface appears.

    I read somewhere that I needed to use loadobjs("javascript.js file") after my ajax code, since the original page is already loaded, it wont load the javascript files on a separate page unless told too.

    But when I followed these instructions, the links didnt even work anymore...the page just froze up


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