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Thread: Inheriting DataGridViewTextBoxColumn

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    Inheriting DataGridViewTextBoxColumn

    I have a specialized column I want to create for a datagridview that is very similar to a textboxcolumn. It will display text however, I simply want to perform a small operation on the text when it loads into the datagrid. I have created a column and cell class inheriting from datagridviewtextbox column and cell. Now I simply want to run the text being displayed in the cell through a function before displaying. Any ideas?

    I have managed to get the text to display with the required changes, only one problem. The changes I make to the text results in less text, about half actually. When the text displays the cell size is still big enough to accommodate the original text.
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    Is this something that really requires a custom DGV Column?...or can you just use the events provided in the DGV to call the function that formats the text?

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