On Tuesday February 25 IBM opened the DB2 .NET Enablement beta program and
delivered the initial beta. This program is further evidence of IBM
commitment to strengthening the role of DB2 as the premier database for
application development regardless of platform or tool. This beta program
open to all programmers interested in developing applications that use the
Microsoft .NET Framework. With this beta, you can develop high-performing
WinForm, WebForm and mobile WebForm applications using the ADO.NET API.
These applications can be developed to work with data managed by DB2 UDB
V8.1 servers running on Windows, UNIX and Linux servers as well as DB2 for
OS/390 and z/OS database servers. When used in conjunction with stored
procedures and the federated database capabilities of DB2 UDB and DB2
Connect servers, this data access can be extended to include a wide variety
of other data sources, including non-DB2 mainframe data (such as VSAM, CICS,
IMS), Informix Dynamic Server (IDS), Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase and Oracle
databases as well as any data source that has an OLE DB Provider available.

The IBM DB2 .NET Data Provider is native provider written in managed C# code
to deliver high-performing, secure access to DB2 data. As with all other
application programming interfaces provided by DB2, the DB2 .NET Data
Provider is developed and tested in-house by the DB2 Development
organization, the people who really know DB2, to deliver the best possible
exploitation of DB2 features and functions to ADO.NET programmers.

In addition to the DB2 .NET Data Provider, a planned refresh of the beta
will include DB2 add-ins for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. These add-ins,
designed to greatly simplify the task of building ADO.NET applications, let
you use Visual Studio .NET to build DB2 server-side objects such as stored
procedures and user-defined SQL functions (UDFs).

To learn more about this beta program and to download the beta code, visit: