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Thread: reading html table in servlet

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    Question reading html table in servlet

    Dear Members :

    I have a table populated in servlet, with one column as "delete button".
    This button when clicked, the row gets deleted and this code is written in a Javascript file. After user alters the table (deleting rows), a checkout button below the table is clicked, and user would be taken to another page (displaying summary info collected from modified table).

    When checkout button is going to submit the modified table to another servlet, how this servlet is going to read the modified table ?
    Simply put, how a servlet can read (row,cell) of an html table ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    One way to store values from an HTML page is to submit them to the server using an HTML form. Can you arrange for the elements to be part of a form?

    An alternative would be to collect all the data values as GET parameters in an URL, and to send that to the server via JavaScript. Using GET for a save operation is generally frowned upon, though. Using a POST from within a form would be cleaner.

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    Thanks Hack.

    I got a solution in another forum, who suggested me to get the elements of html table by "name" thru getParameterMap() method (receiving servlet).

    This will work fine. I am also trying to materialize this algo - "clicking checkoutbutton, call a JScript, which will read all the elements (modified) of the html table, put them in array and send to the receiving servlet"; but I am lacking at the syntax level (I am just learning servlet).

    If you think this can be done and worth doing, could you please send a summary syntax : both at JScript and receiving Servlet level.

    Thanks very much.

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