I am building a travel site. I am a fairly basic but longtime DW user. I built the site in DW. I made a template and all pages are then based off the template. I hired a programmer to do the complicated hotel searching code. He says that he used AJAX and I know also php (all the pages are whatever.php)

What I don't like and he says can not be changed, which there must be a workaround for, is that, for example, a user will be on the spahotels.php page. Or perhaps they are on the whatshot.php page reading the latest article about jungle treehouse eco lodges. So far so good, the name of the page is "spahotels.php" or "whatshot.php".

But, on each (and all) of the site pages we also have a hotel search on the top left nav. So from any page, the user can do a hotel search. The problem I have is that...once they do this....the results they are given in the main window of the page, are totally unrelated to spahotels or whatshot about jungle lodges...so if they have now searched for tokyo business hotels, it looks ridiculous and confusing that the page name says "spahotels.php" and the page title says Find Great Spa Hotels.

My programmer says AJAX was the best way to do the hotel search functionality (which I dont know anything about so if he says so maybe so but I don't know) but he also says there is no way to make the page name or title change to reflect what the user has done on the left search function. Makes sense..they are clearly unrelated.

However...this is a terrible user experience in my opinion. So...one idea he had was to find a javascript code that changes the page title/name.

Does anyone have some ideas of how to solve this issue?

The page (rough, we are still developing) is

Try doing a seach for something on the left nav hotel search...and see what I mean...the name of the page stays spahotels.php and the title stays Spa Hotels. I get it...I think...why it does...but it looks stupid if you are looking for something else in your search (which of course the user will be).

Any ideas??? Thank you so much in advance!!