I am working to create a more dynamic way to view speaker information for a conference. I initially developed this, a page that basically has two iframes in which i basically pull queries from our database. One iframe contains a list of links; you click on the links, and it will pass on a query string to the second iframe and put all the info into an accordion menu. I really don't like using iframes, and especially hate how it cuts off the content and sticks in a scrollbar if it's just slightly too long. I wanted something more fluid looking and set out to dynamically insert the asp results directly into a div.

At first I tried using an XMLHttpRequest, and while i managed to get the content to successfully load into the div, it for some reason disabled the javascript command that initiated the accordion menu.

I tried moving the initiate command from the bottom of the asp page where i actually create the accordion menu to the referencing url (from the first iframe). I also tried using the timeout feature in the referencing url, and that didn't work. I tried having it initialize from the XMLHttpRequest function, and that didn't work either. I tried loading it into an html panel instead, and while it still loaded, the javascript was still disabled. Also, the javascript will work if you run it manually from the url bar in the browser after the page has loaded. Oddly enough, when i added an alert to the accordion menu javascript file, then the accordion menu started working. You can see almost all my files with firebug.

I am not a developer or coder. The code for the accordion menu and the html panel came from Adobe templates and the idea for the XMLHttpRequest came from w3schools. I'm a graphic designer who's just trying to pick this stuff as I go along, so please be specific and as non-hypothetical as possible.

Please help!! I've pretty much spent two solid days trying to figure this out. I have no idea what's going on and have run out of developer friends to pester.