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Thread: Parent and Iframe Issue! both R on the same domain??

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    Parent and Iframe Issue! both R on the same domain??

    From what I Know Both files must reside on the same domain "DONE!'.
    Parent --- textbox1.value= ""
    Iframe --- textbox1.value= ""
    When IFrame loads a my button "called Contents " appears ... I click it calls calls Function thecontents() <!--

    this is the iframe function-->
    <button........ Contents </button> //calls Function thecontents()//

    headerList =document.body.innerHTML
    textbox1.value = "<pre>" + headerList + "</pre>";
    Now Iframe textbox1.value= 'NEW DATA in here from contents Iframes innerhtml'

    is filled with the data I need...... //I have the data I need//
    // now lets send the data from the Iframe's text1.value to the parent textbox1//

    //"Error at this point"//
    X =document.getElementById('textbox1').value ['myIframe'].document.getElementById('textbox1').value
    alert(x)  //"Error at this point"//
    x= Iframes Textbox1.value
    parents textbox1.value  x ; // should show X but it does'nt//
    My Files test1.htm and test2.htm are on my local computer for testing
    I did test in my local webserver worked ok until I try to send the data to
    the parent...

    test1.htm the parent
    test2.htm the Iframe inside parent

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    Split into its own thread

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