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Thread: Windows Logon Window

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    Cool Windows Logon Window

    Good day all,

    We are looking to develop an in-house Self Service Password Reset tool. I've seen many of these products out there but at this point in time we would just rather develop it in house. I've search quite a bit and cannot seem to find the answer, but just how do you go about adding a control/button to the standard windows logon form? I've seen it accomplished in many programs but truly do not know what language their working in. Maybe some of you have started a project like this and would love some man hours to help finish in exchange for starting ground?

    Eitherway thanks for the read and hope to hear from someone.


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    Customizing the authentication mechanism is different depending upon the version of Windows you are using. XP and the other NT versions use GINA.

    Windows Vista supports the implementation of custom credential providers. GINA was deprecated in this version.
    Microsoft MVP (Visual Basic)

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