Open Date: 01-23-09

$91,182 to $113,253
The salary in the Department of Water and Power is $98,490 to $122,377.

A Database Architect performs technical and administrative work in the development of standards, methods, techniques, procedures, data analyses, data designs, and database implementations necessary for the productive use, integration, sharing, standardization, integrity, security, availability, maintenance and operation of the City’s electronic databases and assists in the overall management of the electronic databases; installs and configures database software and related administration tools and utilities; develops and implements production scripts for database maintenance tasks; designs, develops and implements databases; enforces databases integrity; monitors and tunes database performance; tunes and optimizes SQL statements and database/system parameters; develops and conducts training; utilizes database tools to perform various types of database backups and recoveries; ensures database security and compliance with SB1386 or data privacy acts; researches current database issues and technologies; assist application developer to apply sound database technology to new application; may supervise other technical employees in the performance of this work; and performs related duties.

1. A bachelor of science degree from a recognized four-year college or university in either information systems, engineering, computer science, or a related field; AND EITHER
2. Two years of full-time paid experience installing, administering, tuning, and maintaining databases in a medium to large scale production environment in one of the following database platforms: Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, or IMS in a position at the level of Senior Systems Analyst I, Systems Programmer I, or Programmer Analyst IV with the City of Los Angeles, OR
3. For experience gained outside the City of Los Angeles, two years of full-time paid experience as a data base architect or database administrator in the information technology industry installing, administering, tuning, and maintaining medium to large scale production databases in one of the following database platforms: Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, or IMS.
4. In addition to the regular City application, all applicants must complete the Application Supplement for Database Architect at the time of filing. Candidates who fail to submit both the application and Application Supplement within the time required will not be considered candidates in this examination and their application will not be processed.

Applications and Application Supplements WILL ONLY BE ACCEPTED ON-LINE at

The instructions to candidates regarding completing the Application Supplement on-line are at the following location:

Applications and Application Supplements must be received by THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 2009.

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