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Thread: Best way to implement the find Function

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    Jan 2009

    Best way to implement the find Function

    I have table with these fields article name, article ID and Article Color, Size.
    I want to write a find function with any of the above field.
    I will give one example
    supposes after clicking find a user enters article color as RED and then hits return. The other 3 fields will auto populate with the corresponding data. After which if the user clicks it will continue to show other articles which has color RED. I want to be able to this with other field also like size . I just want a general way on how to do this as experimenting ways will be time consuming
    Thank you
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    Aug 2006
    You can actually give a DropDown with the columns of the Table and design the query depending on the item user has choosen. And then can take his input in a TextBox. Hope you got my view.

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