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Thread: Need help in Xpath query for comparing a date with todays date

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    Question Need help in Xpath query for comparing a date with todays date

    Very new to xml and xslt

    This is the XML
    <order id="V123-0" name="Management" type="Transfer" date="2008-11-25T15:18:39" sourceSystem="pjs" sourceSystemId="AGS05026112" sourceSystemUser="Z" operator="Z">

    Can someone help me to get write an Xpath query for comparing order date with todays date...

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    You didn't say what version of XPath you are using.

    XPath 1.0 only supports number comparison. As such, if your date format is yyyy-mm-dd then you can use e.g.
    translate('2009-01-27', '-', '') > translate(someDate, '-', '')
    This will convert the date to a number and thehn the numbers are compared.

    Other options are EXSLT.NET, see or switching to XPath 2.0 or XQuery 1.0, supported by Saxon from, as XPath 2.0 or XQuery 1.0 support date and dateTime comparisons.

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