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Thread: Macro to build hyperlink in Excel

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    Macro to build hyperlink in Excel

    I export an Access Db Memo field to an Excel file that users research using a pivot table. The pivot table truncates the Memo field when you double-click for detail and loses the format of any hyperlink on double-click. I need a macro that will populate a hyperlink column in the detail tab after a double-click.
    I need to:
    count the total number of rows
    for each cell in column J build a hyperlink
    Something like:
    J2 =HYPERLINK(filepath,A2) for each row where filepath is a constant and A2 is my hyperlink description

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    Start recording a macro
    Perform all of those steps above manually
    Stop recording the macro

    There is your programming code. It will need a few tweaks no doubt, but you will have the foundation for what you need.

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