I hope you can help me.

I'm trying to do this. I have an .xla working very well. It, obviously, has declared many functions I've made. But now every time I make a new function I have to update my .xla file. What I'm trying to do is to make my .xla enough intelligent to grow up and get new function wihtout changing the .xla. So I'm storing all my functions in a SQL Database with them declaration code. for Example:

Public Function Kmovauxcruni( Unidades As Integer, Periodo As Integer)
On Error GoTo Salir
Kmovauxcruni = ((Unidades * Periodo) / (Unidades + Periodo)) * 0.5
Exit Function
Kmovauxcruni = 0
End Function

Like that, every declaration code of my functions are in the Database. So the idea to find a way to read all these declarations from database and execute them by the .xla, in order to excel can meet and evaluate my functions. So when I need to introduce a new funtion I will just have to save the code of my function in the database and the .xla will just have to read it and execute it. This way, I won't have to update and replace my .xla again. What I don't know to do is to exectue the declaration of the function on the xla.

I know my engilsh is not the best but, I hope you can help me.

Apologize for the inconveniences.

Have a nice day.