Ok, My first time on this site and I'm loving it so far. I'm in a rut and I am somewhat new to SQL.
My question is this.
Is it possible to integrate a webpage so at a click of a button OR at least minimum search parameters you can pull SQL data from a remote server and import it to a local SQL server? If so what would you suggest be the easiest way to accomplish this(as far as programming languages)?
I assume you can query the remote server, create a temporary database and then import that into the local server. Am I close?

I know you can query the server to see the data, but the latter half of my question is where I have no idea.

My other problem is that the remote SQL server is moved a lot. It's designed to travel on ships and travels from ship to ship. Therefore I have no idea how the server is linked or even if it is linked.
I can't do a link to the remote server full time because not all of the data needs to be imported.
It should only when there is a problem on one of the ships and they need the data to review it.

I can't give any more details as I don't have them yet. This is a project in which I am being brought on board due to the last guy could only build a webpage with broken links after a few weeks. Like I said, I'm fairly new to SQL but I do know some basics. Any guidance, common links or anything at all would be greatly appreciated.

I know this is somewhat generic and I apologize for that. I just don't know where else to look.
Thanks in advance.