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Thread: Learning AI Help

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    Learning AI Help

    I have been curious on how this would be done, and want to give it a try. I need help on how I would go about actually making it learn. Does it need to write its own code and such, or can it just save as a text file and read it or something like that. For now i just want an ai to make one of those talking bots, then maybe make a game where it will remember and implement strategies that i use in games. Such as if i make a game such as chess it could remember strategies and can defend or use strategies that i use after. Always wanted to give it a try but never could think of a way to save and use the info the saving text files was, the only thing i could come up with but havnt tried yet.

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    Thank you very helpful.

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    Rather than saving text files to use in the AI portion of the game engine, why not use a representation of the game board with location of pieces? The brute force play with this would be to run each possible move from the given position on the current board, perhaps two or three exchanges of moves, to determine which one leads to the best projected result two or three sets of moves from now. There are several AI methods used for this - Min/Max being the source of many of them.


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