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Thread: Setup smtp server in IIS

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    Mar 2009

    Setup smtp server in IIS

    hello ,
    We had working mail server but recently due to some error its down and down. Before i used this code

    Dim mailman As New Chilkat.MailMan()
     mailman.SmtpHost = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings("x")
     mailman.AutoGenMessageId = False
     Dim email As New Chilkat.Email()
    and it used to work fine. but now it no longer works. So what should i do. how can i setup chilkat in server. Do i have to use SMTP in IIS. If yes how should i start.

    thank you in advance
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    Quote Originally Posted by lakpa View Post
    and it used to work fine. but now it no longer works.
    Things like this DO NOT happen on their own. Something in your environment changed to cause this code to no longer work.

    You have to find out what that something was. If you don't find out what caused the working code to no longer work, you are not going to be able to fix it.

    What has changed?

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    Mar 2009
    Thank you for the reply.....
    well the problem is solved now. After our server crashed our senior programmer forgot add ip in Default smtp virtual server.

    Default SMTP virtual server --> properties
    in general tab i added ip address and in access tab then click relay tab.... then then i highlighted All except the list below radio button and then i saved it... Now the smtp is working fine.........


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    Apr 2007
    Sterling Heights, Michigan
    Something that everyone should keep in mind is that code doesn't work one day and not work the next day all by itself.

    If nothing was done to the code, then you are wasting your time looking at it. Examine the environment and see if you can identify a change that could have affected what you are doing.

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