This may be a little crazy.

I know very litle about databases but am very comfortable with vb6.

Since VB6 is becoming passe the only books on vb6 and databases were written ten years ago and the code samples used access 97.

There are several database programs with the vb6 code in these books that were written in access 97 that meets my needs. I don't want to become a database expert but I can slog through the code to make minor changes.

I have access 2002 on my computer.

Each time I try to open the databases in access 2002 that came with these vb6 program an error message appears telling me that this database cannot be opened by access 2002 and must be converted.

When I try to use the new access 2002 database in the vb6 program an error message appears saying "unrecognized database format".

This database applications are for a desktop and simple "enter the telephone number and get the customer data" with some none primary attached tables.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

My mind says that the easiest way out of this is to install access 97 on my computer.

1. Can a vb6 program written for access 97 be "easily" converted to use with access 2002 if I stuck with access 2002?
2. Can I have a problem with both access programs on my computer?
3. Can I disable access 2002 temporarily so only access 97 works?
4. Can I add/delete fields in the access 97 database with access 97?
5. Am I crazy to go back to access 97?

Thank you very much for your help?

Bill Miller