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Thread: Question about to access

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    Mar 2009

    Question about to access

    I currently have a VB.Net program that connects to a excel workbook.
    Works great locally but when I run a time triggered scheduled job through report manager on the server; I get an error. The error is:

    ComException (0x800A03EC) "FilePath\File" Could not open excel or File path not found.

    I also get a similar issue with Win automation and a triggered task.

    I understand that this is a common exception for running the
    Interop.Excel. I believe this has something to do with the security permissions that the program receives in running under a scheduled tasks instead of an actual user id.

    My questions are:
    1. Can this error be fixed? I have not found any research that
    supports this. If so, How?

    Thank you in advance for your comments. I apologized if this is the wrong forum for this question, I didn't know where else to put this topic.


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    Mar 2009


    How are you starting it? Is it from a Scheduled Task or service?

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    Mar 2009
    It is running as a scheduled task in Report manager of SQL server 2005.

    Thank you,

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    Mar 2009
    Is it possible to run is as a windows scheduled task?

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