I have cobbled together a loading script for large versions of the clicked thumbnails. If you double click the image loads twice- seen here http://jwillis.net/v2/galleries/recycled.shtml And actually if you are a super speedy clicker you can sometimes get 4 images loaded

I need some type of check/if statement that will see if it is all ready loading the existing image - I don't know how to go about this though.


//hides the div holding the loading graphic

 $("#imageOptions a").bind("click", function()

//here is where I figured a slight mod to add the /large folder
var imageSource = $(this).children("img").attr("src");


var newimageSource = imageSource.replace("/small/", "/large/");


//for testing purposes
var checkimage = newimageSource;
//Checking done
return false;
//return checkimage;


function showImage(src) {

$("#loader img").fadeOut("normal").remove();
var largeImage = new Image();

$(largeImage).load(function() {


//More checking!
$(largeImage).attr("src", src);

Any help you all can provide would be most appreciated.