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Thread: Change location.hash (1) without history entry, and (2) without scrolling the page

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    Change location.hash (1) without history entry, and (2) without scrolling the page

    I'm attempting to implement some deep-linking in my simple AJAX application by setting location.hash, and I've run into two problems:

    1) Sometimes setting location.hash seems to send the window on both IE and FF to scroll to the top of the page. I do not want any scrolling to occur. The location.hash change happens in a function which is triggered in an onclick event.

    2) Changing location.hash creates a history entry on FF (not on IE)... that's pretty cool for FF, but in this case I do not want a history entry created. How can this be avoided?

    I found an example which seems to have avoided both these problems, but cannot decipher the pertinent code:,M1

    Any help would be great. Thanks.
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