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Thread: Multiple simultaneous Ajax requests with Tokens

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    Question Multiple simultaneous Ajax requests with Tokens

    What I'm trying to do is make a column of DIVs that each onclick will use ajax to obtain unique that will then be inserted into another corresponding DIV.
    This part is fine, but I want to eliminate the possibility of Cross-Site Request Forgery. I know I need to use tokens, but I'm not sure how to implement it. Since requests could potentially be made simultaneously, would I have to use a unique token for each one?

    I'm expecting to have hundreds of DIVs on the page that can make a request, so giving each one a hidden token could affect the size of the page.

    To give you an idea of what I'm trying to do, I'm just going to post some code and attach an image as a visual aid. (I'm using JQuery):

    function getanswer(id,num1,num2){
    	var token = document.getElementById('token').value;
    	$.post("addnumbers.php", { id: id, num1: num1, num2: num2, token: token },
    		document.getElementById('answer_'+id).innerHTML = data;
      	}, "text");
    Then there would just be two columns of DIV's.
    Column 1:
    HTML Code:
    <div onclick='getanswer(1,2,3)'>
    2 + 3 =
    Column 2:
    HTML Code:
    <div id='answer_1'>

    Now I just need that concept to work securely.

    Just use your imagination and pretend that the simple math problem is actually top secret info...
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