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Thread: cant read cookie in php

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    Dec 2008

    cant read cookie in php


    I'm having trouble reading my cookies. Here's what i use to set cookies.

    setcookie("usercookie", $useridi, time()+3600);
    and here's what i use to read it on another page on the same domain

    echo $_COOKIE["usercookie"];
    But the echo does not work from another page. Surprisingly if i echo the cookie on the same page it works fine, its only if i try and read the cookie on a separate page that it echo's a blank. Please help me out.

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    Bangalore, India
    By default, a cookie is applicable only to pages that are within the directory of the page that sets the cookie. So, if your page that sets the cookie is at, and you try to access it at, it won't work by default. You have to explicitly set the path, by using the fourth parameter of setcookie like so:
    setcookie("usercookie", $useridi, time()+3600, "/");
    This will set the path of the cookie as "/". If it is in a different subdomain, then you will also need to provide the fifth argument.

    By the way, it looks like you are using cookie to manage user sessions. There are better and safer ways to do it, like using PHP Sessions.

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    Dec 2008
    thanks a lot for the tip razee

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