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Thread: Exception Handling

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    Exception Handling


    my project has 3 tier (UI, BLL, DAL) architecture. can any body tell me the best way to handle the exception.

    will appreciate your help

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    It depends on what kind of exception it is. If it's something the user can do something about, such as invalid input, then re-throw the exception in the BLL and/or DAL and catch in the UI and display a message to the user. If the user cannot correct the problem, then catch it in the Application_Error event and write detailed information to a log to help you debug it. Then decide whether the application can continue silently, or whether you must tell the user that something went wrong.
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    gmani Guest
    you can do this in your DLL functions..


    internal DataSet fun(BLL objBL)
    //your connection, procedures here...
    catch(Exception ex)
    ex.Message(); // can display this message in your page by converting this as session object

    return ds;


    hope this may help for u.....


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