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Thread: Dynamic User Controls

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    Dynamic User Controls

    I have set in the aspx page a server side control, a label in this case. In the code behind i have a public property for assigning a value to the control at rendering.

    I have used both the Pge onload event and the Prerender event to attempt to set the properties.

    In the calling page for the control, i instantiate the control and pass the values to the control properties.

    What i have noticed however when debugging the control is that two passes are made to the control, the first pass successfully sets the value to the control, but on the second pass the control is null.

    What am i doing wrong?

    I am trying to pass data to the control so that when its rendered the control has all the information to display, i use several of the same control on the same page so it needs to by dynamic like that.

    Any suggestions ?

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    Lets assume your property name "PageDynamicTitle" and Label control id "Label1"
    You can add the below property declaration code in to your web page. And try passing values. It should work
      public string PageDynamicTitle {
            get {
                if (ViewState["PageDynamicTitle"] != null) {
                    return ViewState["PageDynamicTitle"].ToString();
                return "";
            set {
                ViewState["PageDynamicTitle"] = value;

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