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Thread: BLOB fields & Crystal

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    Sep 2008

    BLOB fields & Crystal

    I have a BLOB field that I want to pull into a report. The data in this BLOB field originates from an incident management software application as attachments. The field value in question contains the attachments; word docs, excel files; sometimes multiple files. The incident management software also encrypts the attachments, which is a different problem entirely. Is there some trick to get this data to display?

    I tried inserting the BLOB field (got a blank field value), inserting an OLE object and pasteing the BLOB value (got incomplete encrypted file values) and lastly I tried pointing the OLE object to an HTML file (this worked the best, but the file was still encrypted).

    Any ideas?

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    What language are you using for your front end?

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    Sep 2008
    The front end language is C and uses Java to connect to the back end.

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