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Thread: Capturing the UP Arrow Key Part 2

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    Apr 2009

    Unhappy Capturing the UP Arrow Key Part 2

    Dear all,

    I had posted the working codes needed to capture UP and DOWN arrow keys in the environment of using HyperTerminal VT100, TTY,etc working with Rabbit Microcontroller.

    The next issue I face now is:

    When I pressed an UP or DOWN arrow. The cursor moved one line up, the more you press, the more lines cursor will move up to.

    I placed a dummy code of displaying "This is UP ARROW" whenever an UP arrow is being pressed.

    This sentence will appear one line above my current cursor position.

    But this is not what I wanted, I wanted the UP arrow to serve as a page up page down of previously entered commands.

    Anyone has ideas on this please?

    Thanks so much!

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    Dec 2007
    keep a history of the commands entered by the user. for example:
    std::deque< std::string > command_history ;
    for every command entered by the user,
    command_history.push_back( cmd_string ) ;
    if you want to limit the number of commands held in the history, also do something like
    if( command_history.size() > MAX_SIZE ) command_history.pop_front() ;
    iterate over command history to support the usage of up-arrow and down-arrow to repeat previous commands.

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