This is my first post. Hope to contribute constructively at some point :). I'm a university student, new to C and not quite capable of C++ yet. I was thinking of writing some simulation software in C as a practical exercise. I'd like to deploy it rather quickly, and perhaps in parts, so I was thinking of writing it up as a set of cgi scripts that would get called on a website, and use the browser's presentation capabilities to draw or at least present the output.

I'm considering the web deployment because it seems the quickest path to having a useable (and user-friendly) program, and I'm far from GUI programming in C. Furthermore, once my C programming skills improve to that level, I'm under the impression it won't take much to convert them to an executable.

I haven't been able to find many books or resources that cover C CGI programming. Is there a reason for this? Is my approach wrong? Will CGI in C be too slow compared with other server-side languages (PHP is the only one I'm seriously considering)?

Could anyone point me towards some CGI in C programming resources if this does seem like a viable option?

Thanks for your insight, and sorry for the long post,
Have a good one,