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Thread: Programing Tools

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    Programing Tools

    I recently got a book to help me code in C++. I have done some work with VB, and what not, but C++ is uncharted water for me. Now, in the book I got, it keeps making referances too what I think are two different things. Visual Studio, and AppWizard. Are these two different programs, or is AppWizard a part of Visual Studio?

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    AppWizard is the Application Wizard delivered with Visual Studio.
    It creates a Stub-Program for you that takes care of the "boring boiler-plate stuff" for you.
    However if you are a new starter in C++, I would strongly recommend to leave the Wizard-stuff for later and start with easy simple HelloWorld - type programs and write them from scratch. In VS you can do that by creating empty or simple command-line projects.
    This way you get to learn the finer intricacies of C++, which can be quite a culture shock if you have a background in VisualBasic ... ;-)
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    Yes. I also figured that I would read the book once before jumping into anything. Some of the information they have in their is not exactly clear cut, and I might save myself a head ache or two later. So far so good. I have a copy of VC++, and I am ready to start. Thank you for your help. Everything makes a lot of sense now.

    As a side note: Why does Dell have to send a repairman to my house? It's not like I haven't replaced a dozen CD-ROM drives before. They can stay out of my room. My room is tempest.

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