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Thread: volatile pointers

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    volatile pointers

    I was perusing Danny's article ( and was reminded of a question.

    I've always used volatile in the context of a pointer: what the pointer points to changes due to other threads. We use something like:
    volatile int* ptr=...;

    In this case, the value in "ptr" is *not* volatile, rather, the value pointed to by the value in ptr.

    One might have a need for:
    volatile int my_int;

    In which case the value in my_int needs to be volatile.

    My confusion is this: how does the compiler know to not optimize *ptr in one case an my_int in another?

    Question number two. Would this work:
    volatile int& alias_ptr(*ptr);
    And the reference be correctly handled?


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    The compiler knows to disable *access optimization through the specific pointer*, not necessarily de-optimize the object itself. Consider a similar example with adding const implicitly:

    void func (const string& s);
    The string here is treated as const, but it doesn't have to be a true const string:
    string mys;
    func(mys) //const qualifier implicitly added to string
    In your example, when the pointer is declare as pointing to a volatile int, any access through that pointer will not be optimized but when you access the int directly, its value might be optimized by storing a copy thereof in a CPU register.
    As for:
    volatile int& alias_ptr(*ptr);
    You have a reference to a volatile int here. This means that every time you access that int through the reference variable alias_ptr, the int will be treated as a volatile variable. Of course, that doesn't mean that the bound variable becomes volatile. If you access *ptr directly, it might be optimized, so it all boils down to what you want to achieve: treat *ptr as volatile only when accessed via the reference or treat it as volatile all the time.
    Last edited by Danny; 05-14-2009 at 05:22 PM.
    Danny Kalev

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