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Thread: How to control internal parameters like bright, contrast, focus in a usb camera using

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    Smile How to control internal parameters like bright, contrast, focus in a usb camera using

    I need to use a webcam for a project where I need to control cam's internal parameters. I know that I can find in the market cameras with some API's, like logitech.
    For the other side I know I can do something with DShow and Windows Driver Development kit.
    Someone can tell me what is the better way to begin with this project, I mean which tools are more convenient to use and if you know some appropiate camera with Api's or SDKs, that makes more easy and reliable this implementation, the application must be implemented in c++ -- THANKS IN ADVANCE !

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    If you need to control the camera, you should get a camera with an API for sure. Here, you also have a couple of options: do you want to pan and tilit, and if so, do you need a seperate device for that or do you find a PTZ camera? Will black and white do the job? etc (its amazing how much you can do with a bw camera).

    We have had good luck with pixelink camera and API but that was a couple of years ago. Their API had not only camera operations but image processing basics, which was nice.

    Cameras and the APIs are a good way to spend a lot of money in a hurry that can easily turn out to be bad choices. I recommend getting a demo model of whatever package sounds good to you (research this very well) and give it a try. If you cannot make a quick program that does what you need it to, or if the camera/hardware seem to be overkill or wrong for whatever reason, just return the model and try again. Its tedious, but far better than dropping lots of money into a setup that is not what you wanted.

    You can do a lot with video capture boards too, but that does not include sending commands to the camera. There are generic camera APIs for free that sort of work with most cameras, so an option, if you have a lot of time on your hands, is to use the free API along with a capture board, which lets you change the camera at will without any code changes -- that can be nice. As with cameras, capture boards vary greatly in price, capability, and such.

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