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Thread: xml with flash poroblem

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    xml with flash problem

    Here is the line of code
    <image src="galleries/Photography Color/Rose_Petal.jpg" thumb="galleries/Photography Color/thumbs/Rose_Petal.jpg">Rose Petal IMG 0459</image>
    It is set up so when I roll over an image the title and IMG number will show up at the bottom of the image. Problem is all is ok except the IMG number fails to show on the image. When I view the xml doc on my desk top the number is there but when I import it or drag it into the server it corrupts it. I pulled the xml doc out of the server and opened it and the IMG number is not there. I' m on a Mac (INTEL) and using Transmit as my ftp browser. Godaddy is my server.
    And I'm using Flash CS3 and Firefox as my main browser.
    Thank You
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