I have user avatars through my site and what I want is to have a hovermenu displayed on mouseover that shows stats about the user. (Stats, recent activities, recent posts, etc.) For obvious reasons I don't want to have this loaded on page_load and using a DynamicService call seems like it'd be cumbersome at best. (I'd need to pass back images from the database, stats, post strings, etc)

I'm trying to get this to work using a hovermenuextender. So far so good. I'm able to get the menu to display without issue. The problem comes in trying to make it load dynamically onmouseover. I found a link explaining how to accomplish lazy loading using tabcontainers and tried to modify the code to work for the hovermenuextender.

I feel like I'm REALLY close. The very last avatar rendered on the page works correctly. In fact, hovering over an avatar at the top of the page will cause the very last avatar to load it's content so that when you then hover over the last one the content within it is already populated properly. Hovering over any other avatar makes it look like nothing is happening. The loading gif/message just stay visible. I'm sure I'm missing something simple.

Any ideas?

Here's my code: