Dear Friends,

We are designing a multilingual web application. In our customer master table 25 fields are dropdown based fields (i.e EducationLevelCode,ResidentStatusCode,NationalityCountryCode,MaritalStatusCode,OccupationS tatusCode,TaxStatusCode and so on).

Seperate masters are designed for all these by keeping view of locale.

EducationLevelCode EducationLevel LocaleCode
01 HSC en-US
02 Graduate en-US
01 HSC (spanish) en-MX
02 Graduate (spanish) en-MX

In front end first we show all the properties in view mode in label and at click of edit button user is redirected to data entry screen. At Data Entry screen we populate these dropdowns by settting selected value in the dropdowns.

In our view screen we have to show educationlevel,nationality etc in the labels. I am doing this by adding an extra properties in customer object for each of them like EducationLevel,ResidentStatus etc and populating it in getbyid function by using joins in backend.

Since our application is multilingual thats why we are passing localecode of user who is accessing the data in GetByID stored procedure and that parameter is used in join condition.

By following above mentioned approach we are able to get customer record in getbyid procedure after appling joins with these 25 tables.

Is there any other approach like load all the dropdowns in cache at fronend and getting these property populated from there.

I would appreciate if could suggest me some alternative approach to achieve this more efficiently.


David Johnsan