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Thread: run time error 13, vb6 & ms access

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    Question run time error 13, vb6 & ms access

    i'm new in vb6.
    now my program is almost done.
    but i have a problem about data type, maybe.
    my program is use to enter data and save in database.
    i have compiled it and gave it to my friend to enter data.
    i divide the data with my friend so i can finish the work in short time.
    i want to combine all data in my computer.
    so i copy and paste data taken from my friend into my db.
    then i run the program.
    the run time error message box appeared and close the program.
    i try to debug and had detect the error.
    i leave the code as comment and try run the program.
    the program can run.
    i use list view to view my data. all data viewed in the list view only the column that have error because i leave as comment.
    i have checked the data type in db and it is correct.
    but i don't know what is the problem the program can't run
    the data input in the field include letter and number.
    there is another field that have letter and number too but still can view in the list view.
    i don't know what to do with this
    can anybody help me?

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    first of all we need some more information, because the error can be anything.

    1) What's the type of field in your database?
    2) How do you add this field in your listview? Using a variable?

    Now did you try to add a breakpoint on that line to view in runtime mode what the value is? Another tip is to add a messagebox with the value before you add it to your listview, so you can determine which record and which value is generating the error.



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    Check the Data. See if any of the records have no value in that field. If the Fields value is Null then this would generate an error in VB. Use the IsNull() function to check the value first. If it is null then set the column's value to an empty string(""). You should do this check for all fields in the database that allow nulls.
    Note: the IsNull() function should be applied the recordset's field object, before you assign the value to any kind of variable.

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