We currently have 2 objects in our Global.asax like so

<object Id="Id1" Class="Namespace1.Class1" RunAt="server" Scope="session" />
<object Id="Id2" Class="Namespace2.Class2" RunAt="server" Scope="session" />
We are trying to make these unique per application instance, so naturally we are trying to use

<object Id="Id1" Class="Namespace1.Class1" RunAt="server" Scope="appinstance" />
<object Id="Id2" Class="Namespace2.Class2" RunAt="server" Scope="appinstance" />
When we make the change to "appinstance" we can no longer call the class as if it were static, like so:


When scope is set to appinstance, the namespace and class do not exist. When session, they are set.

I haven't been able to find anything that states the syntax changes. What are we missing?