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Thread: Help with using CeRapiInvoke to call another Dll, from VB6!

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    Sep 2009

    Help with using CeRapiInvoke to call another Dll, from VB6!

    Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to declare and use the CeRapiInvoke function from my VB6 app, and I'm getting a "Bad Dll Calling Convention" error. I'm declaring the function as:

    Public Declare Function CeRapiInvoke Lib "rapi.dll" (ByVal pDllPath As String, _
    ByVal pFunctionName As String, _
    ByVal cbInput As Long, _
    ByVal pInput As Byte, _
    ByVal pcbOutput As Long, _
    ByVal ppOutput As Byte, _
    ByVal ppIRAPIStream As Long, _
    ByVal dwReserved As Long) As Long

    ...and using it like this:
    Dim lLNumOutBytes As Long
    Dim labOutput(64) As Byte
    Dim lLNumBytesIn As Long

    lLNumBytesIn = 0
    lLNumOutBytes = UBound(labOutput)

    CeRapiInvoke "\Windows\CeGetDeviceID_Dll.dll", "CeGetDeviceID", lLNumBytesIn, vbNull, lLNumOutBytes, labOutput, 0, 0

    I'd be very grateful to anyone who can help me out with this - isn't the "CeRapiInvoke" function using the __stdcall calling convention, or do I need to write some kine of 'wrapper' Dll that uses __stdcall, and which in turn calls CeRapiInvoke?



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    Sep 2009

    Update - Help with using CeRapiInvoke to call another Dll, from VB6!

    Hi all,

    just to save anyone from unecessarily replying, I've now got around this problem by writing a C++ dll that in turn calls CeRapiInvoke, so that my VB6 app doesn't have to! The C++ dll then just returns what data I need back to the VB6 app.



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