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Thread: Map of Maps

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    May 2004

    Map of Maps

    Hello everyone,

    I have a map of maps :-

    typedef map <string, map <string, int> > myMapofMaps;
    myMapofMaps a;

    I'm trying to insert an entry but without actually creating the inner map as an object. Is that possible at all ?

    In other words, I want to do something like :-

    a.insert(pair <string, map <string, int> >("AAA",(pair <string, int> ("A1", 1))));

    As you can see in the inner map I'm not specifying the map name.

    I need to do this this way because I don't know in advance how many inner maps there will be, so I cannot do :-

    map <string, int> x1;
    map <string, int> x2;
    map <string, int> x3;

    I need the compiler to know that once I insert an entry to the outer map, then an inner map needs to be created automatically and I need to be able to access it later.

    I tried putting the inner map into a vector, but I still cannot make_pairs this way. I still need to find a way of inserting to a map without actually manually creating it myself.

    Does this make sense ? Can I let the compiler create maps for me at run time?

    Many thanks for your help.

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    with std::map you can do sth like

    map<string,int> myMap1;
    myMap1["entry in first Map"] = 1;
    map<string, map<string,int> > myMap2;
    myMap2["entry in second Map"]/* = map<string,int>()*/; // the commented out stuff is not needed, the [..] operator insert a default element anyway
    But if you want to add any other than the default element, I would create a little function that returns a map<string,int> object.

    map<string,int> createElement(string s, int i)
        map<string,int> reval;
        reval[s] = i;
        return reval;
    // now you can:
    myMap2["'nother entry"] = createElement("innerMapKey",42);
    Dunno whether this is any good to you...
    Life is a short warm moment -
    Death is the long cold rest.
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    May 2004
    Many thanks for that.

    Can you please tell me how would you insert into the map created in createElement ? I mean, as I was saying prior to Run time, I don't know in advance how many map<string,int> maps there will be, so how I can name them ? I mean, we normally do :-

    map<string,int> a1;
    map<string,int> a2;

    and from what I understand you are suggest doing :-

    map<string,int> newMap = createElement(...);

    but the point is, I cannot hard-code "newMap" as I don't know in advance ghow many maps I want to create. Should I do it with a class that returns the map you're suggesting and then do: new createElement(...) ?

    If so, will a pointer to this class return me the "right map" every time ?

    Many thanks.

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    Aug 2009
    Can't you do something like this:
      typedef map <string, map <string, int> > myMapofMaps;
      myMapofMaps a;
      a["AAA"]["A1"] = 10; 
      a["AAA"]["A2"] = 20;
      a["AAA"]["A3"] = 20;
      a["BBB"]["B1"] = 10;
      //... etc
    This code will create as many inner maps as you need.

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    May 2004
    Many thanks.

    I just didn't see the obvious...

    Thanks again.

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