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Thread: sorting files by date/time

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    Sep 2009

    sorting files by date/time


    first time poster/long time lurker.

    in the course of my work, i have to support some legacy apps (don't we all?!). we have several written in VB6.

    i currently have a project that is reading some xml files for content and then moving them using the File System Object to an output directory.

    unfortunately, i now am tasked with processing these files First In, First Out - which means i need to sort them via date/time, something that FSO doesn't do.

    is there an elegant method to do this?

    all the code is in a class which is compiled into a .DLL that is called by our custom engine.

    any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    many thanks,


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    Jun 2009
    Does it make a list? You can use the API GetFileTime or the built in FileDateTime function...

    Good Luck

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