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Thread: HMENU Hotkeys & Icons

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    Exclamation HMENU Hotkeys & Icons

    Hi all,

    I have two problems, the first being the most important:

    I have a Win32 (Non-MFC) app with a window and a win32 menu on it (HMENU), and I've been searching all day for a way to display shortcuts (like "Ctrl+C") on the menu items. I know there's the RegisterHotkey function but that doesn't make the shortcut to display on the menu item. There MUST be a way to do this without owner drawing the menu! Does anybody know how to achieve this?

    How can I display 32-bit icons in the menu items? I know how to use SetMenuItemInfo, but the problem comes when loading the bitmap. LoadBitmap works only with 24-bit bitmaps or less. LoadImage doesn't work either. I can use LoadIcon, but it is not compatible with HBITMAP, required by the MENUITEMINFO structure. Maybe a clue on how to transform a 32-bit PNG resource to an HBITMAP?

    Thanks in advance

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    Where did you search ?!!!
    These are Win32 FAQ.
    see on Win32 grp
    (since 1992 !)

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