What is the best server application to use Servlets on the server? I thougt about:
1) Win XP + Apache + JK + TomCat -> http://johnturner.com/howto/winxp-howto.html
2) NetForge -> http://www.novocode.com/doc/servlet-.../appendix.html
3) Jersey on GlassFish
4) any other?

In general I want to create MIDlet for mobile phone (CLDC/MIDP) in Wireless Toolkit 2.5.2 which uses httpconnect to send little text file to server with Servlet. (HTTP POST from a J2ME midlet, code for both midlet and servlet -> http://codetrips.blogspot.com/2007/0...me-midlet.html)

At first I want to test it on localhost on my computer so I can choose anything. But later I need to install it on someone's server which has terrible configuration and I'm not allowed to make big changes on that server. Its configuration includes: IIS, Apache, KeyFocus Web Server, PHP, MySQL. (However PHP may be configured improperly). At this moment when I type localhost in IE on server, I see http://localhost/localstart.asp of IIS.

Greetings :-)!