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Thread: Macro line calling a VBA Script in Excel does not work

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    Macro line calling a VBA Script in Excel does not work


    I have a macro file in the old format (pre2003) that does a lot of complicated automated things. Since then (with help) I have developed some VBA scripts to enhance it.

    Recently a need arised to make a call from the MACRO file to run a VBA script, and the system is complaining. The VBA script is fine. If you run it as a stand alone works perfectly.

    Here is the MACRO line calling it:


    Macro file is in a separate file, opened and hidden : It is linked to the INVSALE.XLS sheet and the VBA script is in Module 1 in the INVSALE.XLS.

    Basically, the process stops with an error on Macro line XX which has the following code:


    Can anyone point where this is falling down?

    Many tahnks.


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    What is the error?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hack View Post
    What is the error?

    Macro error at cell

    Halt Step Continue

    Cell Salemac!A289 has


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