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Thread: Cannot find Link Table database in

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    Apr 2006

    Cannot find Link Table database in

    Hi all,

    i met a problem recently on i have create a project and use a database with Linked Table inside. the error occur when i using the Linked Table data, the system cannot find the database which i link to, but i can open the database manually with the path .net said is invalid.

    error Msg:
    'K:\APPL\EXE\data08-09.mdb' is not a valid path. Make sure that the path name is spelled correctly and that you are connected to the server on which the file resides.

    where K drive is mapped drive which is a folder at server. Link Table is link to other database that running 24hours so that can direct get the latest data for my program. Anyone know what is happen or any mistake way i did?? very urgent.. all genius, pls help me~~

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    Rather than a hardcoded drive letter, try using the server's UNC path.

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    Apr 2006
    actually the path is not in my code, the path is showing the other database that my using database linked to(using LinkedTabla Manager). i know nothing about UNC path. will explore it 1st. but dun know how much effect if change the technic. thanks a lot!!

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