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Thread: Listview Problem

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    Sep 2009

    Question Listview Problem

    Hi all i have problems with this program I wrote.

    This is i want would happen:

    1.When the user double clicks the stock items in a listview will appear a inputbox.
    2.In the inputbox the user will input how many quantity needs and to be lessen.
    3.After the inputbox, the item click on listview stock items will appear in another list view and the ordered items will display there and see how many of all the total amount obtained by ordering.

    MS Access i used ;My table is Stock_items and Order_items

    The problem I do not know how the code and logic to do and not excellence in coding so I need your help.

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    First figure out the SQL statement needed to update the quantity in Stock_items and then the SQL statment needed to add a specific product code from Stock_items to Order_items.

    Next store each SQL Statement in a string variable where you can change the product code and quantity for each SQL Statement.

    Then create an ADO Command object, and have it execute the modified SQL Statements that you have in your string variables.

    Note: You can use Access's query builder to create the queries and then switch to SQL View to get the SQL Needed to put into your string variables.

    Also: When they enter the quantity to be ordered, you will need to remember both the quantity and the Stock_items product code, so that you know which product code to update and add to Order_items.

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    Sep 2009
    Thanks! But can you make a sample code? For reference.
    Anyway how to used the query in the top of ide? Its disable not clickable can you tell me how to used it

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    Quote Originally Posted by scripted View Post
    Anyway how to used the query in the top of ide? Its disable not clickable can you tell me how to used it
    What query at the top of the IDE?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hack View Post
    What query at the top of the IDE?
    that's on the top located in standard toolbar in vb6 besides run.
    how to used it the Query?

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