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Thread: Testing New Installation of SQL Server 2008 SP2

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    Testing New Installation of SQL Server 2008 SP2

    Hello Forum.

    I have installed SQL Server 2008 on a network and it seems to be installed with no problem. I was sure to specify it as a Network Service account.

    But other programs that should be able to access the database are unable to connect.

    What steps should I go through to ensure that the database is up and running correctly?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Complete View Post
    But other programs that should be able to access the database are unable to connect.
    Why? What is the error that you are getting when you try? Is it always the same error regardless of what program tries to connect?

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    I need to fix something that I see as being a problem. It appears I was installing the wrong version of SQL Server. I was installing the express version. I think there is also an issue with installing an x86 version on a x64 machine.

    So first things first. I need to completely uninstall what I have installed. Here is what I have done. I have stopped the sql services on my machine. Then I went through the uninstaller and uninstalled all the programs starting with SQL. Then I went into the programs directory and I renamed the MICROSOFT SQL SERVER directory.

    But when I restart the program, I still see one of the sql services still listed in the list.

    How do I get rid of that?

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